Magnetic Particle Inspection

Colour Contrast & Fluorescent, using 240 volt AC portable yokes in accordance with AS 1171

Liquid Penetrant Inspection

Solvent Removable Colour Contrast & Fluorescent, and Water Washable Colour Contrast & Fluorescent in accordance with AS 2062

Ultrasonic Testing Inspection

Ultrasonic Testing of fusion-welded joint in carbon steel and low alloy steel in accordance with AS 2207


Ultrasonic Thickness Determination in accordance with AS 2452.3

Condition Monitoring

Ongoing condition monitoring is part of an effective maintenance regime, giving you quality information to ensure you are meeting relevant standards and regulations, while ensuring the safety of your employees and the environment.

Radiographic Inspection

Radiographic Interpretation, Thickness Testing and Imaging

Phased Array & TOFD

Phased Array & TOFD Inspection of all materials (including welded ferritic steel joints, bonded metals, rolled and wrought products, castings, forgings, austenitic joints and more)

Eddy Current

Electromagnetic Thickness Testing

Coating Thickness Testing

Qualitative Material Profiling using magnetic flux leakage, low frequency eddy current and pulsed eddy current

Visual assessment of materials prior to initial service

Visual assessment of materials, during service life, for defined service applications

Crane & Lifting – Compliance & Certification

Equipment certification inspections

Proof load testing and witnessing

Derrick Inspections

DROPS Surveys

3rd-party pre-load inspections

Compliance evaluations

Risk analysis and failure modes, effects and criticality (FMECA)

Engineering studies for modifications and upgrades

Hydraulic test jigs


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NDT Tech Ops is a specialist team of non-destructive testing experts, based in Perth, Western Australia.

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